1. There are wine bottles of various capacities,from 175ml bottle to 5L bottle,the height and biggest diameter of bottles are all different. Even wine bottles of the same capacity have different sizes and specifications. We can customize the wooden box with your logo according to the size of your wine bottle.
  1. To customize the suitable wooden wine boxes, please tell us the bottle sizes(diameter, height), wood type(pine wood, monterey pine, paulownia, bamboo), lid style(sliding lid or hinged lid), logo process(silk screen, laser engraving, hot stamp, etc.), lining material, and quantity, etc. Usually, the MOQ is 200pcs per style.
  1. Bottle size. Usually we need wine bottle height, the biggest bottle diameter,bottleneck diameter and bottleneck length to produce the proper wooden wine boxes. The dimensions should be accurate to millimeters. It would be even better if you have a picture of the specifications of the bottle.
  1. Wood type. Pine, monterey pine and paulownia are the three most commonly used woods for wine boxes. Pine has a hard texture, it is suitable for high-end red wine. Paulownia is the lightest wood, impermeable to moisture, and can indirectly improve the quality of wine. The density of monterey pine is moderate, the texture is more beautiful than pine, and the stability is strong. Generally, red wine with a high age is usually stored in monterey pine boxes.
  1. Lid Style. The common lid style of wooden wine boxes can be sliding lid of hinged lid.
  1. Logo process. Laser engraving logo is premium and no color; silk screen can be any color and it is lower cost; hot stamping logo has a concave and convex feeling and is a little expensive.
  1. Wooden wine boxes can be plain or painted. Usually we only spray the outer surface of the wooden wine boxes, and the inside is generally not painted. The painted wine box is more advanced and can be painted in any color.
  1. Lining material. Some high-end wooden wine boxes have lining material in the box. The lining of wooden wine boxes can be made of EVA, EPE pearl cotton, sponge, or black velvet lining.
  1. We can also help you to lower the large order cost, we can ship some wooden wine boxes in flat, you only need to install them by yourself, it can save a lot of shipping cost and avoid of damage in transportation.
  1. You can order a sample before mass production, it will take about 5-7 days for proofing. When the sample is ready, we will take some close-up photos with dimesnions for your reference, you can see every details of the sample. Usually the lead time of a large order is about 15 days.