APL industrial is focused on the development of China’s red wine packaging industry, we have wooden wine boxes production line, red wine leather packaging production line, red wine carton production line, and other red wine packaging production lines. Let us share the latest wine packaging design concept of 2022.

As an important part of wine culture, red wine packaging shoulders the responsibility of conveying and promoting the product information. Therefore, the wine packaging is not only a design art, but also a practical art, a cultural art. Packaging design is an important part of modern commodity marketing, it is looking forward to the development prospect of green packaging. At the same time the packaging design also carries forward the national characteristic, stimulating the consumers’ buying desire.

1.Production concept.

According to the properties of the red wine, use value and consumer groups, to choose the appropriate packaging materials, striving for the unity of form and content, and giving full consideration to save production time to speed up the circulation of commodities.

2.Promotion concept.

Promoting commodity sales is one of the most important functions of packaging design. If the packaging design can attract the attention of consumers and fully stimulate their purchasing desire, then the packaging design really shows the promotion concept.

3.Artistic concept.

Packaging is an art that directly beautifies the goods. Products that are attractively packaged and higher art appreciation value are more likely to jump out of a pile of goods. They give us the enjoyment.

4.Wine packaging visual communication concept.

According to the law of visual communication, in the process of commodity packaging design, we should try to remove the unnecessary visual elements, and pay attention to strengthen the visual themes, so as to find out the most creative and expressive way of visual communication.