1. When storing wooden boxes, pay attention to moisture-proof, high-temperature, moth-proof, and dust-proof; it is recommended to store them in a place that is ventilated, dry, and out of the sun, with insect repellent medicine bags inside, and wipe them regularly; if possible, store them in a place with constant temperature and humidity.

2. When summer is approaching, the air conditioner should be turned on frequently to dehumidify, reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of wood, and avoid split at the seams of the tenon structure due to moisture swelling and deformation;

3. The mahogany jewelry box should be placed indoors away from places with strong air flow such as doors, windows, and air vents, let alone exposed to sunlight;

4. In order to protect the paint film from being scratched and to show the wood texture on the panel of the mahogany box, a thick glass plate is generally placed on the table, and a small suction pad is used to separate the glass plate from the wooden table. It is recommended not to use clear polyethylene crystal panels;

5. Do not place it near the heating system in winter, and the indoor temperature should not be too high.

6. In spring, autumn and winter, the indoor air should be kept bot too dry. It is advisable to use a humidifier to spray moisture. Indoor fish and flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity;

7. To keep the wooden jewelry boxes tidy, you can wipe the dust with a clean gauze every day. It is not advisable to use chemical brighteners to avoid stickiness and damage to the paint film.