The cedar wood cigar box is an indispensable item for cigar enthusiasts, and its importance may be no less than that of a humidor or cigar cabinet.

We all have had the experience of smelling a newly produced cigar, which often lacks the aroma of tobacco and may even have some unpleasant odors. At this time, we would put the cigar in a humidor or a cabinet to allow it to breathe and mature, waiting for the undesirable odor to fade away. With time, the premium flavor will eventually fully bloom in our mouths.

wooden cigar boxes

wooden cigar boxes

However, if we first put the new cigar in a cedar wood cigar box to adjust it before placing it in the cabinet, I personally feel that the effect of using the cigar’s breathing to change its flavor will be significantly better than directly putting it in the cabinet. Cedarwood is an excellent material for absorbing odors and moisture. It can effectively remove the unwanted odors of new cigars and impart a pleasing woody aroma to the cigars. For cigars that have endured long-distance transportation and are tired, a cedar wood box is also an excellent rest stop for humidity adjustment, avoiding adverse effects caused by putting them directly into a humid cigar cabinet. I usually perform this adjustment process for about two weeks to a month. Too short of a time has an insignificant effect, while too long of a time is unnecessary. If the cigar is later stored in a humidor or a cabinet with a large space, the entire cedar wood box can be directly placed in the humidor or cabinet for the next stage of maturation after adjustment.

It is not necessary to use a cedar wood cigar box. Any porous wooden material can essentially remove unwanted odors and moisture. Cigar enthusiasts with good financial resources can also choose some rarer wood types, but try to avoid wood with strong odors or high oil content to prevent negative effects on the cigars themselves. In fact, cedar wood storage does not necessarily have to be a simple box. At the Cuban Cigar Festival held every year, many cedar wood humidors of various shapes and forms are displayed, which combines the functions of a humidifier and decorative item, such as combining with a vinyl record player or a liquor cabinet.

Directly puffing on a cigar taken out of a humidor is often not a satisfying experience. In order to pursue a vigorous breathing of the cigar to make it reach its peak state more quickly, if it is for personal aging, we usually adjust the cabinet to a relatively high humidity and temperature state, which affects the taste and smoking experience of the cigar. It is best to allow the cigar to wake up for a while before smoking it. The cedar wood box is undoubtedly the best tool for waking up the cigar, allowing the humidity to slowly decrease, and the cigar wrapper and filler slowly release the humidity, perfectly binding together again, thereby giving you the best smoking experience.